G Krishnamurthy

MBA (IIM Calcutta) and B-Tech (IIT-Kanpur). Mr Krishnamurthy has worked in Tech Mahindra, Quark, GE Capital, and NIIT. He has about 37 years of experience in IT, analytics, consulting, and operations. He has been involved in teaching, training, and independent consulting projects, mainly in Analytics and Banking for the last 10 years.

He has increased revenue for various product lines in the companies he has worked with. He has released products of specified quality within the desired schedule and of international quality. Mr Krishnamurthy has created a Six Sigma-based methodology for appraising team performance.

G Krishnamurthy, MBA (IIM C), B Tech (IIT Kanpur), 37+ Yrs Of Exp In IT, Analytics, And Operations, Counsellor in Samcara