Recruitment and Selection: A critical success factor

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Recruitment and Selection: A critical success factor

The ability to attract and select appropriate candidates for vacancies in the organization is critical to its overall success. It is even more so than in the case of organizations with limited resources. Legal compliance frameworks and systems govern recruitment and selection policies and practices in most countries. These aim to protect against discrimination and unfair treatment as well as further affirmative action. However, designing and implementing a good recruitment and selection system and process that meets the needs of the organization entails more than merely legal compliance. It is about understanding the vision, mission, strategy, and business needs and how the recruitment and selection strategy can meet these. The organization needs to do its homework carefully in terms of what it requires in the candidates and then be creative and innovative in order to be able to attract and select the candidate who would be the best fit given the job, the working environment, culture, and other conditions prevalent within and outside the organization. A cognitive task analysis would certainly help the organization.

Designing Human Resource Management Systems: A Leader’s Guide by Jayant Mukherjee

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