Self-Knowledge for Choosing the Right Career

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Self-knowledge is an evaluation process for seeking the kind of self-awareness that motivates and inspires enough to choose a rewarding career path. Self-knowledge, also defined as a self-reflection technique, lets you get in touch with yourselves and estimate the strengths, weaknesses, abilities, passion in a way that if done the correct way, you would easily manage to identify your true calling. Haven’t you noticed how some people excel in a particular art due to their artistic abilities while others are mathematical geniuses? The examples could be many but it is an unhinged fact that these people did some serious critical thinking before finally taking that very first step towards a reinvigorated goal.

Professional goals, career interests, or personal hobbies, pick whichever option that you spark to. A more self-aware you are confident, knowledgeable, determined and focussed. Such is the power of self-knowledge and if you want to embark on this constructive journey, for a rewarding career, then below enlisted are the three ways to begin it.

Create Priorities

A good career graph means creating a list of priorities, which is based exclusively on your skills and abilities. Prioritizing for career development helps in instilling the right level of commitment to reaching a career goal.

Create a Journal

Remember that practicing self-knowledge is not just about identifying what you are capable of doing. It is also about enlisting what you need to do that you haven’t done so far for taking those first steps towards career development. Prepare a journal and keep of log of your daily work. Write down the task you could finish on a day, how hard you worked to complete it and could you have done it better. If yes, why and if no, then why? Preparing a daily tracker in the form of a journal would help you gain greater clarity in your thought processes.

Collect Feedback

Honest reviews and opinions serve as an eye-opener for gauging your strengths and weaknesses from a third person’s perspective. Seeking such opinions, which are honest and oftentimes brutal, so often turn out to be the most fruitful exercises towards enhanced self -knowledge and hence greater career satisfaction.

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