Introduction-mid-career Professionals

For decades, our sister concern, SSJ Solutions, has seen the struggles that mid- career professionals face finding an appropriate career path. While the professionals at SSJ Solutions do their bit by counseling individuals who ask for the same, we felt that a more specialized and systematic approach for career assessment, counseling, and guidance is required. Moreover, we believe matching your passion with your career is important. Samcara has accordingly designed career assessment, counseling and guidance interventions, and program to address the aforementioned needs.
Samcara has provided career guidance for working professionals from various organisations like KPMG, PWC, Evalueserve, Adobe, Wipro, JDA, CTS, CISCO, NIIT, Microsoft, GE, Mahindra, Amazon, GMR, Genpact.

Samcara at IIM Indore after Workshop

The Platform


Define your Values and Drivers; do your strength analysis in terms of your skills and interests


What type of work, environment, and organization will meet your needs, fit-In with your values, and use your key strengths?


This section helps you articulate your key competencies and prepare for selection processes

Samcara online product dashboard

It will help you :

  • Accelerate your growth
  • Have a satisfying/enriched career
  • Become aware of your Motivators
  • Be prepared for interviews Network to reach your career goals
  • Become aware of your Areas of Interest (therefore more productive)
  • Be aware of your strengths and how to project them
  • Draft a well thought out resume
  • Is this meant for me?

    Yes, if you are at the crossroads of your career


    You feel that can contribute a lot more to the sector/industry and wish to carve out a path for doing so


    You wish to find out what kind of jobs/roles will suit your innate strengths and keep you motivated

    What Do I Do?

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