About Us

Vision Provide comprehensive integrated career guidance solutions to all sections of the society, in platforms of choice, thereby unleashing their true potential, in SAARC countries’


Samcara’s new approach to career guidance revolutionizes the participant experience since it is powered by technology, driven by data and insights, and facilitated by an expert network. In the brief period since its inception, Samcara has done career counselling for many students of leading management institutes of the country including IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Indore, Lucknow, Shillong, IMT Ghaziabad, Goa Institute of Management, DSB, NTPC School of Business, and many more. In addition, Samcara has also counselled Chartered Accountancy rank holders, retiring Armed Forces officers, and school students from across India. 

Samcara was started based on key concerns raised by sister concern ‘SSJ Solutions’. In twenty years since its inception, SSJ Solutions has placed over 6000 professionals, mainly in middle and senior levels, in various sectors and industries. SSJ Solutions found that many professionals from premier institutes kept coming back to it for a job change. While it helped the bottom line of the organization it certainly was not satisfactory as far as the founders of SSJ Solutions were concerned.  SSJ Solutions commissioned a research study of students and working professionals the results of which prompted the founders to think in terms of an organization dedicated to career guidance. In addition, the founders had been helping retired armed forces personnel with a second career option at an individual level and they wanted to institutionalise it. The seeds of Samcara were sown.

Samcara was started by IIM Ahmedabad and Harvard alumni in 2017 with the aim of providing Integrated Career Guidance Solutions (ICGS) under a single platform. Our ICGS is a structured intervention helping participants progress sequentially. We passionately believe that every individual is unique and that her career choices and progression should be based on her motivators, perspective, and worldview. We therefore use the world renowned Birkman Method as the foundation for our career guidance solutions. The Method produces a comprehensive measure of personality, motivation, and interest. In addition, we have incorporated a battery of self-assessments in our technology platform.

From the very inception, the founders have focussed on quality and delivering value. Our career counsellors are therefore chosen with great care and after due diligence. Our senior counsellors have an average experience of over twenty-five years. This uncompromising attitude towards quality has resulted in our having several premier institutes of the country as our clients.

We feel that there is a growing need for people of all ages to gain insights into their skills, personality, and cultural fits to have an effective and productive career. It will enable individuals to have career anchors based on their motivators and be more productive at the workplace. Our experienced team has built several tools and tests for that. 

Going forward, we aim to develop in-house psychometric assessment(s) and structured interventions in local languages to benefit a larger community as well reach out to the weaker and deprived sections of society. In addition, we plan to develop a product for professionals and children with special abilities.