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Samcara for Schools Students is founded by IIM Ahmedabad and Harvard Alumni. We have been serving as industry experts in the fields of Career Counselling, Leadership, Executive Placement, Consultancy, and Training. We have guided over 10000 participants in making the right career choice. We have IAS Officers, Army Officers, CAs, IIT Engineers, Psychologists, Humanities Graduates, Designers, Bankers, and PhDs in our team.

Samcara has already counselled students from leading schools like The Modern School, Delhi Public School, St Columbus School, Maharani Gayatri Devi School, The Doon School, Mayo College, Welham Girls’ School, Hartmann College. We help students make better stream, subject, and career choices based on their innate motivators and perspectives.

Samcara career counselling for graduates and post graduates, MBAs,CAs

Our Programs

Class 8 - 10

Stream & Subject Selection
Decide upon the right stream or course you need to choose

Class 11 - 12

Career Selection
Help you decide the best career option suitable for you

4 Simple Steps for Career Selection & Planning

Discovering your perfect career or stream cannot get easier than our unique, scientific approach to career guidance.
Through an effective 4-step process to cater to every need, your career confusion doesn’t stand a chance.

1. Sign Up and Enrol for a Plan

Grab the opportunity. Sign up now and get a special 10% discount. Enrol for a plan of your choice. One plan is for students of standards IXth and Xth. The other plan is for students of standards XIth and XIIth.

2. Fill up your Profile and give Psychometric Test

Fill up your profile. Do not delay. While taking the psychometric test please ensure that you are not disturbed. Try and take the test in one sitting. There are no right or wrong answers. Don’t take help from anyone while taking the test. It is for your own benefit and therefore be honest while answering the questions.

3. Book your Counselling Session

Our counsellors have limited time and are usually busy. Try and book a slot of your convenience as soon as possible

4. Browse Career Library & Resources

Gain extensive knowledge on your chosen career or stream and plan comprehensively through well-researched resources in our career library, including Institute details, entrance exams available and eligibility criteria.

What We Are Offering

Birkman Method for psychometric assessments

The Birkman Method
(A world-renowned Psychometric Assessment)

Samcara Career counselling for School Students

Face-to-Face Counselling Session

Samcara Career Couselling for School Students to decide stream, subject and career

Career Library & Resources

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Proven Methodology and Loved by 10,000+ Students from India's Best Schools

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