for Professionals

Integrated Career Guidance Solutions (ICGS)

Choose the Right Career Path

Stage 1

  • Birkman Psychometric Assessment 
  • One to One Counselling on the Assessment
  • Samcara e-book
  • Automatic resume builder

Stage 2

  • Work on Samcara Product – Assessments to Understand
  • Values & Drivers Ideal Company Fit skills, strengths, and competencies
  • Create Elevator Pitches
  • Counsellor support
  • Interview Prep
  • Cover Letter review

Stage 3

  • Mock Interviews
  • Counsellor one to one
  • Networking Techniques
  • Organizational Research Method 
  • Ongoing Counsellor support for 6 months post completing the program
We believe matching passion with careers is important. Your students will leverage our Integrated Career Guidance Systems (ICGS) and data-driven methodology to determine which careers they will find most fulfilling and prepare themselves for the same. 
Samcara has designed career assessment, counseling, and guidance interventions and programs to address the needs of your institute and students. We have already counselled students from IIM-Ahmedabad, IIM-Bangalore, IIM-Calcutta, IIM-Lucknow, IIM-Indore, GIM, IMT Ghaziabad, Manipal Global, ITM University, JSB, DSB, NSB, as well as other leading colleges from across the country.


Is this meant for me?

Yes, if you are at the crossroads of your career


You feel that can contribute a lot more to the sector/industry and wish to carve out a path for doing so


You wish to find out what kind of jobs/roles will suit your innate strengths and keep you motivated