3 Easy Things you are NOT doing for a Presentation Interview

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In a challenging job market, competitive interview techniques are the norm. You recently applied for a job and the company or the organization in question has informed you to be geared up for a Presentation Interview. Preparing for a Presentation Interview is a lot like venturing into an unfamiliar territory where the onlookers seek your guidance for identifying the correct path towards the right information or knowledge. 

While a presentation, in more generic terms, is an expression of opinion, fact or information in either visual or a verbal form, a Presentation Interview, on the other hand, is a presentation, prepared by a prospective candidate, for highlighting to the interview panel her or his core competencies or skills related to the job. Employers gauge the capability of the prospective candidate through Presentation Interviews. As an evaluation criterion, this methodology showcases the future employer, your communication skills, general aptitude, organizational skills, experience, and diligence. You as a future employee of the company need to be forearmed with the right kind of presentation tools/aids to exhibit well your skills during a Presentation Interview. Let us explore the three ways to prepare diligently for a Presentation Interview.


When it comes to a strong Presentation Interview, brevity is the key. The presentation needs to be carefully structured and well-researched as the time allotted for completing the presentation is also limited. You need to put your best foot forward for portraying the employees that you could be their best bet. 


You may well be aware that during a presentation you can’t just run over a few facts. Instead of bludgeoning them with facts, numbers, and figures, attempt making the presentation conversational and interactive, engaging the audience at a mutual level. 

80-20 Rule

The 80-20 rule is based on the assumption that eighty percent value is attached to work if the remaining twenty percent is invested wisely. Instead of focusing on color palette, lousy slides or an enormous number of slides, prepare a well-organized presentation, which is neat and informative. After all, you may not want your Presentation Interview to be termed under the category “death by powerpoint”. 

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