Unemployed During Covid-19? Think In Terms Of ‘New Beginnings’

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Unemployed During Covid-19? Think In Terms Of ‘New Beginnings’

By Artur Meyster
Founder of Career Karma

The year 2020 has been a complicated one in all aspects due to the unprecedented pandemic that locked the world down for months. The economy of the country was greatly affected, and with this came a wave of lay-offs that left more than 22 million unemployed during the spring. Since then, the economy has recovered slightly, albeit unevenly. So, if you lost your job during the Covid-19 pandemic, you must reflect on your next steps—the labor market is tougher than ever, and the competition is wild. 

First of all, don’t fall into a spiral of despair. Rather use your time and resources wisely to make the most of your situation and tide yourself over until you find new employment. Here are some areas where you can start. 

Manage Your Money Wisely

In these times of uncertainty, it is vital for you to take absolute control of your finances. You are probably counting on your savings and severance package to live while you find a new job. You have to be very smart about managing that money and cut back on your spending as much as possible. You don’t know how long you’re going to be unemployed, so your money habits should not be the same as when you had a paycheck to count on.

Write up a budget to give you an idea of your monthly expenses, and then eliminate those that are not necessities. This varies greatly from person to person, but some places to start could be monthly subscriptions, credit cards with fees or regularly eating out. 

Having a clear idea of your financial situation will give you a time frame of how long you can survive without income and is a good way to ease your mind a little. In situations where a lot of things are out of your control, taking the reins of what you can is vital.

Share Your Situation

Let people know that you’re looking for work, and let them know what your skills are. Do this with your colleagues and acquaintances from the industry, as they might know of interesting opportunities.

Ask everyone to put the word out for you, and be clear on what kind of work you are interested in pursuing. However, it’s a good idea to stay open to different positions that you’ve held before if you think your skills might fit. You don’t know who’s going to point you in the right direction, so don’t underestimate the power of your network and communication. 

Evaluate Different Options

Take a look at the job market and start applying for positions. Take into consideration that your current situation might be a great time to explore other career paths, so broaden your possibilities by thinking of other work areas that might interest you. Think of the abilities you have beyond what you did in your previous job.

If you were laid off, it’s likely that the industry you’re working in was greatly affected by the pandemic, so consider looking for positions in areas that are doing better during these times, like the tech industry and remote work. Find out what you need to go into this new industry, how you can acquire the necessary skills, and keep your eyes open for opportunities.

During the pandemic, most businesses have taken a tech-based approach to their operations. Determine how to adapt and enhance your skills for the new realities of the market, and learn what you need to be attractive to employers in the future.


While losing your job is always a tough blow, if you take it with the right attitude, things are going to get better eventually; see this as an opportunity for a change in your work life. Maybe you will discover things about yourself you did not know before. This year has highlighted the importance of adaptability, and things have changed for everyone. If you want to be successful in this new reality, you have to push yourself to level up to the needs of the times. If you manage to build a bridge between what you did before, and what you could do now, your success will be guaranteed.     


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