A Career in Green Jobs- 3 Essential Skills

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Green Jobs contribute to the restoration and preservation of the environment and are important towards implementing sustainable practices.  Sustainable practices ensure that the system of living doesn’t impact the environment in a harmful manner.

 Sustainable practices include activities such as crop rotation, green spaces, sustainable construction, durable water fixtures, and renewable energy including solar and wind energy. There is a range of jobs, direct as well as indirect, for sustainability practices. Some examples of direct jobs include a conservation biologist, a solar cell engineer,  a wind energy worker,  a green builder, a natural scientist, and a water quality technician. However, in order to land a green job of your choice, the following three skills are essential to make a niche for yourself in the field:

Environmental Awareness

This is the basic and foremost requirement for making a career in green jobs. Environmental awareness and caring for the environment need to go hand in hand. In the past few decades, environmental degradation has been a cause of major concern alarming scientists and activists. In case you plan to make a career in green jobs gear yourself up to not just practice sustainability but also become well versed and knowledgeable about environmental issues. Any initiative in this field is not just about doing your job but also involves initiating conversations and debates to increase awareness. For that, you need to have environmental awareness and thorough knowledge.


Environmental awareness and the jobs in the green industry have been rising at an exponential rate. Your drive and determination towards the cause are akin to winning half the battle. People working in this field are passionate, motivated, and dedicated. You will need to be motivated to succeed in a career in this field.

 Technical Skills

The jobs are increasing in this field but then so is the competition. Continuously enhancing your technical skills is therefore mandatory. There are various certification courses available such as Green Chemistry, Sustainability Standards and Certification, Energy and Water Management Efficiencies, Environmental Management Systems, and  LEED Green Building Design and Construction. Enhancing your knowledge, abilities, and skills will ensure a sustainable career in this field.  

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