A SMART Plan for Achieving Career Goals

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Career goals are long term plans created for career development or professional growth processes. A career-oriented outlook is based on a focussed career goal, which in turn provides the requisite vision for professional or career development. Instead of leading just a routine life of going for work and coming back home every day with no new achievable targets set in view, career goals provide an opportunity to focus on such targets that in the long run let you take up your dream job and gain success in it.

Now that you know why career goals are important, what do you think could be good ways of establishing a career goal? There are five essential steps to creating a career goal defined as a SMART plan.  Let us go into the specifics of the SMART plan.


Be specific about what you want to achieve. A clear cut goal is the mandatory first step.


Once you know about the specific career goal, think of ways you could analyse the degree of success you have achieved once you start walking towards this goal. 


Outline the critical actions required to achieve a goal.


Act responsibly and create a list of people who you think would be supportive of this new endeavour of yours.


Time is limited so plan your timelines wisely and realistically.

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