Batticaloa Lesson 1-(Lead from the front)

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At the height of the Tamil turmoil in 1984, when 57 Mtn Div arrived in Batticaloa (Sri Lanka), the tensions were high as the Tamil Tigers had their tails up. GOC Maj Gen TP Singh noticed that his Brigade Commanders, Commanding Officers, and even the junior officers were roaming around in covered riot vehicles. This set bad precedence as the JCOs and jawans were exposed while the officers were safely ensconced. Nobody was taking any chances and the rebels had an upper hand. So he promptly started going around in a jeep. This had a salutary effect down-the-line as the Brigadiers, COs and other officers also started using jeeps seeing the GOC doing so. The JCOs and jawans were also emboldened and the tide started turning slowly.

So the lesson was “Lead from the Front”…walk the talk…the juniors will do what you do NOT what you say.

(Samcara is proud to have him as a guiding light)
(for the younger generation a short note- Batticaloa/Trincomalee/Jaffna are parts of Sri Lanka where the IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force basically the Indian Armed Force) was sent in the 1980s by the Indian government to control the LTTE-Tamil Tigers and ensure free and fair elections. But it was quickly turning into a Vietnam for India!)

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