Batticaloa Lesson 2-(Change and Adapt)

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Lesson 2 Change and adapt LTTE operated in groups of 3 to 5, while the Indian Army had traditionally operated in sections/platoons where numbers would be in dozens. So when 57 Mtn Div started their operations in Batticaloa against LTTE, it was a very uneven battle as they were far more nimble and could run circles around the heavy formations. The platoons could be heard from miles away giving away the surprise element. More so because the LTTE knew the dense forest terrains like the back of their hands. And of course, they had more public support and sympathy To counter this uneven battle the GOC, Gen TP changed SOPs for the Div and they also started operating in groups of 3 to 5. This required a lot of training and support as they had years of practice, age-old SOPs and also solace in numbers. It was a huge risk as the dice could have easily rolled the other way. But this risk was taken, new SOPs written, the soldiers and officers trained to operate in smaller groups and were soon able to match up to the suppleness and nimbleness of the Tamil rebels And the tide was now fully in their favor as they matched up to the rebels speed So Change and Adapt under enemy fire else you perish. Calculated risks have to be taken to survive and beat the competition Samcara adheres to this principle
Arvind DevCEO, Samcara

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