Batticaloa Lesson 4-Push for Victory-Pump the accelerator

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As 57 Mtn Div was winning the physical battle and the rebels were being decimated/captured/surrendering, the Tamil Tigers started applying psychological tactics to turn the tables. They would announce Closure of Markets, Strikes, etc and distribute pamphlets to those effects. So the GOC, Gen TP (pic attached), ordered that pamphlets be distributed stating the ‘opposite’ that the markets would be open and there would be no Strike, etc. Also on those particular days, the Army would force the shops to remain open and provide protection to them. Thus the Batticaloa sector was under full control of IPKF (57 Mtn Div) and when the Foreign Secy, JN Dixit visited the place, the GOC took him around in an open jeep and declared that the area was divested of all rebel activities. So the lesson was…When ahead, Push for Victory, demolish the competition physically and psychologically and then Declare Victory…it’s important for your team to see and feel that they have won… Samcara adheres to these principles and would love to scale up now.

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