Conduct Pull Marketing for a Job Search

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You want your area of work to steer towards one such potential career opportunity wherein the preordained mutually beneficial relationship of an employer and an employee is beneficial, in absolute terms, to realizing your true potential. What if there was a technique that would come in handy for providing the exact opportunity that enhances your career base by offering the opportunity to expand your horizons and actualize your full potential. Pull Marketing is a stellar technique for attracting potential employers by depending on modes such as LinkedIn, Blogs and Social Media. 

Opposite of the established job application process wherein the potential employee submits her or his resume to job portals or companies for recruitment, Pull Marketing is considered synonymous with a marketing campaign but with a different purpose- job hunting. How successful you are at nailing the campaign depends upon your communication skills. Following the Pull Marketing technique establishes the visibility and credibility of the prospective employee in the market. Many prospective employees use industry blogs for commenting purposes or writing pieces that would catch the eye of the potential recruiter. Let us explore the three ways that would help you implement the Pull Marketing technique effectively. 

Increase the Google Rank Search

Employers and companies frequently use Google search for selecting the right candidate. A candidate with her or his name in the top ten numberings of the search function would have her or his name highlighted as a suitable candidate. 


Networking provides encouraging network referrals that could be used for contacting employers and recruiters for upcoming job positions. Anyone from friends, bosses to coworkers could form part of your network referrals. 

Do not Get Screened Out 

In a stack of resumes, your resume is also filed. However, the grim reality is that many resumes submitted through job portals go unchecked and unnoticed by the actual recruiter or even a human entity. Therefore it is best to use Pull Marketing techniques for coming to notice and gain recognition from employers and recruiters. 

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