Criminal Justice- 3 Interesting Career Options

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Criminal Justice, from a career perspective, is a scientific as well as an investigative field where all the leads finally lead up to the perpetrator of a crime. Forensic experts, comprising the scientific facet of the field, examine and analyze the evidence found at the crime scene. Police officers, on the other hand, form part of the investigative aspect of the career field.

 Based on this area of specialization in two separate fields, the nature of work is also demarcated and defined. The team specializing in scientific research is involved with lab analysis and examinations whereas the investigative team does field visits for investigating the crime scene. Though the scientific team also visits the scene of the crime for documenting evidence so collected yet their primary role revolves around conducting scientific research and analysis of the evidence thus collected. A career in Criminal Justice is especially an enchanting career opportunity for those with refined critical thinking skills that further allow them this ability to connect the missing dots from a sequence of events. For embarking on this career field, you can choose the area of specialization as per your bent towards your specific interest area, scientific research or investigative analysis.

In the above context has been enlisted three interesting career options – one, based purely on science; second, based on investigative nature of the work; third, based on both science and investigation- that you could choose from for a career in Criminal Justice.

Blood Splatter Analyst

This is a purely scientific research area when forensic experts collect a sample of blood from the crime scene to ascertain facts that may provide crucial clues to ascertain what must have happened.

Arson Investigator

Arson Investigators are partly fire scientists and partly investigators. They work closely with the fire department and law enforcement agencies for finding traces of any suspicious activity behind a fire incident.


Unlike the previous two career options, Investigator is entirely an investigative field depending majorly upon problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, reasoning capacity and interpersonal communication skills of the Investigating Officer. CID officer, paralegal, criminologist, police officer, narcotics officer are examples of officers that perform the investigative line of duty in the field of Criminal Justice.

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