Fast Forward to Civilizational Greatness: Agenda for India

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Civilizational Greatness

The impact level of incremental creativity is not to be sniffed at. Many small innovations often turn, over time, into major transformations. Consider the chair as an example. The need for support while sitting triggered the idea of the chair. But over time it transformed itself from a log to rest one’s back against or dangle feet from, to a structure with back support and elevation that began to resemble the chair as we know it. Over time, we got more comfortable chairs, the wheel chair, the swivel chair, the climbing chair, and with much comfort and attractiveness added to the chair through colour, polish, lightness, portability, ornamentation, etc. etc. Incremental creativity is popular level creativity to which millions can contribute. They can do this by making a familiar thing more effective or intriguing, by adding to it, modifying it, enlarging or miniaturizing it, conjoining it with something else, by finding a new use for it, a new process for making it, etc. etc. Another example is the telephone, that has turned into a mobile and that in turn has turned, through numerous apps, into a camera, calculator, radio, internet, musical instrument, address book etc. etc. Addition, modification and transformation through the unsigned incremental innovations of millions down the ages have given our civilization rich depth and texture. Stimulating millions of incremental innovations can be as beneficent in evolving a great civilization as coming up with major or breakthrough innovations.

Fast Forward to Civilizational Greatness: Agenda for India by Prof. Pradip Khandwalla

Published by Academy of HRD & Ahmedabad Management Association

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