Mid-career counselling

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Mid-career counselling

Career counseling is as important for mid-career professionals as it is for fresh graduates.

To begin with, a mid-career professional is someone who has typically spent say from 5–15 years, working in a particular industry or changed a couple of industries in this tenure. Many professionals at this stage of their career deny the need of counselling except at the time of career crisis.

Career counselling for mid-career professionals is not limited to crisis mitigation. It can help in exploring new careers, giving guidance for further growth in the current sector or even help sustain current path. With the changing world it cannot be assumed that the things will remain the same. The market is dynamic and the guidance helps keep a professional to on top of the game. Career counselling helps the professional find the direction of his/her career.

Career counselling even helps exploration of new career opportunities, taking control of the career, identifying a plan of action, achieving a work-life balance that works and other major changes in working life using market awareness, scientifically proven methods and by leveraging your market connections.

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