Promoting Inventiveness

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Promoting Inventiveness

One way of promoting inventiveness is to publicize innovations that occur in India and elsewhere. These need not be only technical innovations. They can be management innovations, innovations in government administration, innovation in IT and communications technologies, innovations in better human relations, innovations in pedagogies, in healthier living, in dealing with calamities and crises, in mobilizing people for good causes, in the arts, architecture and design, literary innovations, sports and entertainment innovations, innovations in eliminating mental stress, innovations in inspiring people to be better human beings, innovations of spiritual practices, innovations in instilling civic sense in people, innovations in inspiring excellent performance, etc. etc. If television channels and the internet can carry the stories of such innovations and who made them, the innovating spirit could spread far and wide.


Fast Forward to Civilizational Greatness: Agenda for India by Prof. Pradip Khandwalla

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