Some Traits of Social Entrepreneurs

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Moral/altruistic orientation

Capacity to bond with people

Innovation/change agent capabilities – being in touch with major developments in one’s field, preference for effective innovative over traditional solutions to problems, good sense for timing the introduction of innovations.

Ability to sense and use the power structure – get to know the preferences of powerful people, ability to rope in powerful people in one’s project, ability to sense the do’s and don’ts limits of a system, ability to develop a large number of informative and influential contacts.

Capacity to handle stress

Capacity for both analytical as well as creative thinking – willingness to generate offbeat options and consider many options before making a choice, capacity for systematic, analytical thinking, capacity to think through all the needed steps for effective execution.

Capacity to implement projects effectively

Task achievement orientation

Capacity to lead others –capacity to inspire others through one’s own enthusiasm for a difficult challenge, get people excited, capacity to build a high-performance team and work culture.

Fast Forward to Civilizational Greatness: Agenda for India by Prof. Pradip Khandwalla

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