Supervisor Role in Employee Motivation

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Supervisor Role in Employee Motivation

Some findings are given below:

  1. In instances where these bright young minds worked with a dedicated and supportive manager, they worked for the duration they had originally planned.
  2. In instances, where these people had to work with a manager who was cynical towards the work that was being done or the general outlook towards life they quit fast.
  3. In instances, where the leaders of the organization did not practice what they preached, disillusionment was rapid.
  4. Where leaders shared their vision for the organization and the department as well as putting into perspective the value of the work the employees were currently doing on a regular basis, motivation levels and the desire to continue to work for the organization was high.
  5. Motivation levels dropped rapidly wherever employees were made to go through the daily grind with targets without the big picture being shown to them on a regular basis. It could be owing to the work becoming dull and monotonous without the benefit of seeing the contribution that they were making.

Source: Designing Human Resource Management Systems: A Leader’s Guide by Jayant Mukherjee

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